Welcome to My Little Explorers –
We are a unique forest kindergarten based in woodland
at Farley Mount, near Winchester

In Forest School children are inspired in a natural environment through positive experiences. They learn without realising. We encourage them to take risks and explore which helps them build confidence and self-esteem.

Our forest kindergarten is an outdoor alternative to pre-school. A secure natural space where children can develop their imagination, take risks and build on social skills. With 20 acres of magical woodland to explore children have the freedom and space to be themselves – to run and hide, climb and build dens, tell stories and cook on the campfire. We support children in their natural curiosity and hands-on understanding of the natural world. Every day is different as our woodland environment changes from season to season creating new learning opportunities.

“Forest School is an inspirational process that offers children
regular opportunities to achieve and to develop confidence and self esteem

through hands-on learning experiences in a local woodland environment”

Forest School England Network

“We have been delighted with My Little Explorers, the learning experiences and positive environment they provide is fantastic”

Naomi H

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Our locations

Forest Kindergarten & Mini Explorers

Farley Mount Road, Winchester

SO21 2JG

tel: 07909 063311

Activity camps, parties & Fun in the Forest group

Ampfield Woods, nr. St. Marks Church

SO51 9BU

tel: 07909 063311


Hillside Cottage, Toothill Road

Romsey, SO51 9LN

tel: 07909 063311

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